Day 4: The Religion Debate

Question: What are your views on religion?

Everyday  find myself really contemplating this question. Do I believe in the existence of a supreme deity? Is religion simply a social construct designed to keep society at bay? If there is a God, what does he want from us? Why would he let us suffer? Why can’t he just put an end to all of this?

When I consider the Bible it answers all of these questions, basically. The Bible is inspired of God (or so the elite would have us believe). He gave us his Word as a life manual, a guide to all that we should aspire to be, to all that he wants of us, a book of advice and lessons to keep us on course to the glory of the paradise that he has promised us that one day we will inherit.

I have no problems believing the Word of God and believing that he truly exists because logically speaking, should I die and find out that there isn’t a God when I’ve been serving one all my life, I’ll be safe. But if I live this life the way that I think is right, i.e. not in accordance with God’s Word and I die and he is real, what will become of me? We all know how that story would end. It’s a safer bet to believe in his existence than to live a ‘worldly’ life.

The last few years have been really trying for me where my relationship with God is concerned. I don’t feel obliged to serve and worship Him really. I’ve tried to not be so pagan about the whole thing but days have come and gone where I’ve barely not said a word to him, not even in silent prayer. I find myself constantly wondering what this means. I know I need to work on my relationship with Him and I have been trying but it isn’t a very easy task.

The whole idea of religion tends to piss me off. Let us take for instance, Jehovah’s Witnesses. It’s common to find in Trinidad and Tobago’s society that this religious group is the focus of many a jape. And why is that? I mean, I’m not defending them or anything but whatever happened to respect for others? It’s one of the basic moral values, isn’t it?

It’s not only the disgust with which most people refer to them but it’s also like there’s a religious hierarchy in this country and all over the world IMO. Why is this? For the most part, quite a few religions serve Jehovah God, so why is it that they regard each other with such disdain?

I don’t know, I don’t get a lot of things about religion. I think the Bible in itself is all we really need to strengthen our relationship with our Creator. Religion gives us too many rules, not provided by the Bible, to go along with it. For example, praying to Mary, kneeling before altars, not celebrating Christmas/birthdays etc. I don’t think it’s about those things at all. My point is, for me, the Bible is enough.


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