Day 6: 30 Interesting Facts About Me

Wow, THIRTY things that I consider interesting about myself? Damn, this is hard. So you may very well find this damn near uninteresting.

1. My name is Aneakaleigh. It’s a pretty name, I know. Given to me by my dad.

2. I love my dad. ^_^

3. I’m a likeable person.

4. Annoying at times, I even annoy myself so who are you to not be annoyed by me every once in a while?

5. I enjoy music, most of the times.

6. I like to write too. But I hate how most of it turns out so I just never do anything with it.

7. I like learning languages.

8. I like practicing yoga.

9. I’m very introspective.

10. And because of that, I over think a lot of things.

11. Most people and I don’t get along very well. I just tolerate a lot of them.

12. I like dogs and dogs like me.

13. I should have been studying veterinary science because I like dogs and dogs like me so much.

14. I’m very irascible.

15. I’m really judgmental.

16. I have five siblings. Two older sisters, two younger brothers and a younger sister too.

17. I used to play tennis. Now I mostly just watch it.

18. I enjoy football, a lot.

19. Glory, Glory Man United!

20. I played the piano when I was in primary school.

21. I love music.

22. I’m semi into photography.

23. I’m a loner at heart.

24. I hate carrots.

25. and Watermelons.

26. and Milk.

27. Everyone says my mom and I look exactly alike.

28. A lot of people also say I look a lot like my dad.

29. I’m obsessed with accents but the English accent mostly.

30. I sweated like a hog while writing this.


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