Day 8: Satisfaction

Question: What’s one moment you’ve felt completely satisfied with your life?

Must I choose one?

The most obvious answer is when I’m with my friends. Especially when I look back at our school days at St. Francois . . . the form 5 days! Life was PERFECT for that entire year. But this list can go on and on and on . . .

There’s been a lot of times I felt like I could take my last breath and not be the least bit perturbed by what lay on the other side.

  • Mexico 2008 after climbing the Pyramid of the Sun (probably after safely getting off of it too)
  • Manchester United winning the Champions League in 2008. I know, it has absolutely nothing to do with me but at the same thing it has EVERYTHING to do with me!
  • Getting my final CAPE results in 2011 and seeing that, not only did I manage to not fail anything, but I also amassed a total of six ones for all my ‘hard’ work.

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