Day 9: Future News

Question: What do you hope your future will be like?

This is very similar to that other question about what I want my life to be like in ten years. Quite frankly the answer is the same: I don’t know.

The future could range from anything from one minute to two decades or more from now but I’ll assume that I’m supposed to imagine what I’ll look back at when I’m old and alone in that big old mansion on that hill in Switzerland, reminiscing my youth and happiest life moments in general.

Essentially, I just want to be happy in the future and means of being happy are often subjective not only from individual to individual but also during different times (years etc). I like to keep the future as obscure as possible though. It’s like I don’t want to have all these hopes and dreams for them not to come through and I find myself obscenely disappointed.

At the same time though, for me to be happy in the future from where I sit now though, I’ll need to be surrounded by people who love me and genuinely care and want what’s best for me. I figure I’ll need to be rich or if not filthy rich at least comfortably rich and successful in whatever career I’d have chosen for myself throughout the years. I don’t see marriage and children in my future though. I just need to be content with who I am and what I have and be able to help others who are less fortunate than I am in whatever way that I can.


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