Day 10: First Time for Everything

Question: Discuss your first love and first kiss.

This is by far the easiest question on this list.

At 19 years of age it’s quite weird to find that I’ve never been in love (or what I consider to be love, because really what do I know about love at 19?) and who’s never been kissed in this 21st century. But it’s true, I’ve never experienced either of those things . . . yet.

I’d like to say it’ll NEVER happen, not even in a million years but the fact of the matter is that as a human being I am prone to such feelings and experiences and I’m not running away from it as many of my friends are quick to say, I just don’t have being in love as a priority in my life, I never really have.

So my first love may come around or it may not come around. I should say he. Either way, I’m not waiting around for him or looking out for him or anything. Life seems to be a whole lot better when you’re single from the looks and sounds of relationships anyway.


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