Day 11: iPod Challenge

Question: Put your iPod on shuffle and write 10 songs that pop up.

I love these kinds of challenges! Leggo!

  1. Fly Together – Red Cafe (I like the old school *circa 2004* hip-hop vibes of this song)
  2. If U Seek Amy – Britney Spears (ahaha! I sang this song word for word for months without knowing what it actually meant! *face/palm*)
  3. Never Too Late – Three Days Grace
  4. Wine Pon Di Edge – Busy Signal
  5. Last Night – Diddy (This was on a “favourites” playlist of mine. I’d play the shit out of that everyday ^_^)
  6. One More Time – Machel Montano (*boogies*)
  7. Over My Head – The Fray
  8. 100% Pure Love – Crystal Waters
  9. Rock With You – Michael Jackson
  10. Order My Steps – Donnie McClurkin (Because we all need a little God in our lives.)

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