Backlog: Insurance 4 (29.06.12)

There have been four Insurance parties before this one mind you, and I’ve never been to any of them.

I *almost* went to 2.5 but my mom bailed out on the idea of it in the VERY LAST MINUTE. (still coasing)

I was really hyped about being able to go to this one but as circumstances would have it, Riyana was encountering a few problems with the ‘rents so as it stood for a while I wasn’t going anymore 😦

Then I got a phone call at work on the Thursday (I believe it was) and she was asking me if I wanted to go and I was like “hell yeah” xD

Then Friday came around and guess what? I wasn’t up to it at all  Like around 8 o’clock when I realized my Mandiepants wasn’t going I was ready to bail out too, I mean, what’s a party when one of your bestie’s is missing?

So I dragged my bum out of the house and went on down to the Anchorage and had the time of my life!

It was so awesome and I think it was all because of those platforms they had at the back of the hall where Ricarda and I danced all night. Oh, and that one tequila shot :3

I’ve never been drunk and still I won’t call what I experienced at that party a state of ‘drunkenness’ I was merely high. I still had all my bearings, I saw and heard everything (you know who you are lol) but I did have to force myself to vomit a bit because as much as they say “No spinning” when drunk lo and behold, I spun, I jumped and I had a good time raving on that platform!




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