Day 14: Earliest Memory

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here . . . I know, I suck at blogging . . . But yeah, let’s just pretend that we both actually care.

. . .

My earliest memory is of the yard at my first home (which is actually next door to the one I live in now) . . . I remember a chicken coob* (idk how you spell that, but that’s how you say it. You know, a place where you keep chickens?) This chicken keeping structure was on the wall and there was a soursop tree. Now the soursop tree had one of those tree diseases so it was dying. This white thing had completely taken it over and the bark was falling apart and shit . . . Poor tree.

Now, in place of that soursop tree we have a lime tree. Cool huh? I think so.

So idk how that’s relevant but there ya go. My earliest memory! 🙂


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