I Swear I’m Still Alive . . .

. . . I just REALLY suck at blogging.

I had every intention of this being a constant thing but procrastination filters into every aspect of your life. I’d procrastinate sleeping too but alas I love sleeping; it’s the only time you don’t have to worry about anything.

What have I been up to? Adjusting to University Life round 2.

This time around it’s not half bad at all. I learnt more things on the first day of school than I learnt in an entire ACADEMIC YEAR in that other faculty. I definitely made the right choice, no? YES.

As with UWI you never have a smooth transition at all, had a lot of running up and down to do but that’s temporarily cleared up and I am free to be happy . . . for now.

Somethings never change though. I have a Spanish Literature exam at 4pm that I am beyond unprepared for and instead of doing the ‘studently’ thing (i.e. studying for the exam) I’m blogging. Priorities definitely in order. 🙂

I notice I have an incomplete challenge -__- I knew that was going to happen.

I’ll work on that I suppose . . . and I think I have two drafted entries to post that are now irrelevant but it’s my blog and I’ll post it because I can (probably not).

I should go reread my notes (that make no sense) for the umpteenth time.

Nos vemos.


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