Day 16: Take Me Back

So, you may or may not have noticed that I’m skipping Day 15 because I am not allowed to speak about the T-Zone outside of the T-zone . . . Yeah.

That and I’m not as big on the T-zone like most T-zoners *shrug*

Question: What are your views on mainstream music?

I’m a mainstreamer through and through, looking for unknown artists and the chances of me actually liking their music is too much work with too many disappointments. But, as my title says, I’d really prefer it if I can get a time machine and go back to, idk, 1999? I think there’s a safe bet.

Some of my favourite songs ever come from that 1999 to 2004 era. Especially the hip-hop. *squeals*

My iPod is full of probably every single JaRule, Eminem (or should I say Slim Shady?), 50 Cent, Ludacris, Lloyd Banks etc. etc. etc. from that time. Not to mention the Jay-Z and the Kanye West. And the Destiny’s Child! I can go on and on about the one hit wonders like Tweet and J-Kwon. But let’s not.

Mainstream music doesn’t suck overall, however. There’s some good songs from fantastic new artists out there, specifically in the Alternative and Indie Pop/Rock genres.

But generally, I don’t listen to the new age hip-hop *gags*. It’s not awful but I can’t put that nonsense on my iPod and listen to it every time it comes up. It doesn’t work that way for me at all.


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