I Do Have Feelings

No matter how wrong you know something is when you’re doing it, the simple fact that it’s wrong doesn’t seem to be enough to make you not do it. I guess it’s the whole concept of original sin and the fact that we as human beings are born imperfect.

As much as I’d like to think that I don’t care about hurting people’s feelings, the fact of the matter is that I do care. Especially when it’s somebody very close to me. Now, I don’t deliberately set out to hurt the feelings of loved ones, but it ties into the ‘knowing something is wrong and doing it anyway’ thing.

A lot of people take little things very seriously, unlike me. I really do wish that everybody the world over could exist like I do but the thing is if everyone was like me, or you, or anybody else on earth the world would be a very monotonous & boring place. Differences in personalities is what makes the world so entertaining, in my honest opinion.

This difference in personality also means there’s a difference in the way we each deal with things and I think that tonight I have learnt that I am doing it the wrong way. The thing is I always knew that I was, like many other people, life needed to bite me in the ass for me to figure it out.

It honestly sucks that it had to happen this way, but to think that if it hadn’t happened like this I would have gone on being such a dainty fool makes me feel like dying a little inside. How did I ever become such a monster?

It’s definitely true what they say: the truth hurts. You know that when you can feel the hurt even though you’re the one that caused it.


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