Count Your Blessings

On a daily basis we’re all faced with our own struggles whether they be at home, at school, with friends or even in our intimate relationships and when dealing with these stresses and pains there’s nothing else that matters in space and/or time but how disastrously huge these obstacles are.

Putting life into perspective gives us a way to overcome these problems, doesn’t it? Well, at least I think so. There are over 7 billion people in the world that experience the same things any other given person on the planet at any given time does or something that’s ten times worse. It’s not to say that somebody else’s problems are bigger than yours or that you’re the lucky one. But let’s face it, when you contrast your situation against millions of people the world over you’re able to see just how fortunate you are to even experience the problem you’re experiencing. Too many times we find ourselves excluding ourselves from the rest of the world and becoming too engrossed in our problems to see that there are people, some very close to us, with bigger problems of their own.

Not getting my point?

As a University student I know all too well what it feels like to want to go cliff diving knowing fully well I can’t swim and perhaps taking comfort in the fact that not resurfacing will be 100 times better than not being able to submit an assignment on time or not passing an exam but the reality of my situation is that I have been given this opportunity to better myself and failing one exam isn’t going to kill me when there are hundreds of thousands of girls my age that would do anything for an opportunity to get the kind of education I’m getting.

How about you?

Maybe you’re having boyfriend/girlfriend problems. Trust is an issue. You feel disrespected, let down and taken for granted because nobody likes to have their feelings thrown in their face (including me). Now I’m not saying that there are people out there who would like the opportunity to go through such emotional heartache and disturbances but chances are most people, like you, just want to be/feel loved. The world we live in today denounces many races (still) and body types, just to name two, where beauty is concerned and so many people are rejected by their own and others.

So what exactly is my point?

Be grateful for what you have. ALL OF IT.

Because the world is much, much, much bigger than it seems.

Embrace your problems.

Because compared to somebody else’s they’re nothing.

And you may think, ‘well of course, I’m not living their life and they’re not living mine’.

Fine, but part of being human is being able to empathize and this gives us the opportunity to understand just how lucky we are in the greater scheme of things.


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