The Evils That Lurk In SAC

If you’re not a UWI student you may or may not know what this ‘SAC’ thing is, and that might be a good thing because if you ever enroll at the UWI my advice to you is avoid it at all costs. There is absolutely NOTHING there that you will need. Hang out in the food court – it’s air conditioned and it’s got a KFC.

Why is SAC so dangerous?

It’s not so much the place but the people that go there . . . and the things that they do. Catch my drift? Heck, I hang out there with my friends but the truth is SAC is a bad influence. Of course, anything has good/bad influences, you’re the one that decides (primarily) how it affects you (especially in this case). Alasmy friends (I would include myself but fortunately I have escaped) have become addicted (strong word, I know but you should see them) to the demon card game that is All Fours.

If you’re not Trini and you happen to be reading this blog post, you will not know what this game is and why it’s so demonic – but trust me it is. Avoid it at all costs. It will install amp machines in your lungs and cause you to embarrass yourself (and your friends) over whether or not your opponent’s partner was looking at his/her hand before he/she got the okay or if the ‘card to board‘ shout is massively overused while everyone else in SAC waits expectantly for a physical fight.

Something like this happened to me a couple weeks ago.

There I was, minding my own business playing some variation of Four Pictures. One Word with a very good friend of mine while our other buds played the demon game right next to us. I honestly don’t know what this particular quarrel was about but it got real and it got real fast.

You know sometimes quarrels get to a point where everyone’s shouting and then the tone and volume drops? The calm before the storm I’d like to call it because shortly thereafter, when you thought it was over, everyone’s on their feet shouting over each other’s voices and shining up EVERYBODY within a metre’s radius.

To explain just how loud they got, SAC is the hub of student activities, as you would have imagined by now. At about the same time that this little ditty occurred, a Champions League football match was on the tele – Real Madrid vs Galatassaray – so of course there was a gathering. It is said that people stopped watching the football (not that it was particularly important anyway) to come see what was happening at our table. It was that real.

After this little experience you’d think that All Fours would get a little ease up, right? Wrong.

Stuff of the devil I say.

In all honesty, SAC apart from the groups of people huddled over a deck of cards hanging Jacks is evil in itself. You go there after your 12 o’clock class expecting to leave campus at 2pm, the next thing you know it’s 4pm and you’ve done absolutely nothing with your day. It just sucks you in, regardless of what you’re doing, draining you, keeping you there ‘until the sun goes away’.


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