It’s My Best Friend’s Birthday!


How fast does the time fly?

Has it really been NINE years since I met this girl? N I N E  . . . Damn. What is life?

Okay, maybe it’s a little less than that but it feels like only a couple of weeks ago we were walking around St. Francois religiously every morning and now we’re here. She’s getting older, I’m getting younger but we’re still best friends. 😛

Who am I talking about? None other than my Mandiepants! The bestest friend anybody could ask for. Unfortunately for you, she’s all mine and none of you can have her. I know you’re jealous . . . and you should be.

What can I say about my best friend that you can’t say about yours? I don’t know anything about your best friend to be quite honest, but I am absolutely sure she isn’t anything like Amanda Wallace.

Amanda is, and has always been (and will always be I will presume to say) the most selfless, loving and caring person I’ve known. What I am, she is not . . . which is why this works – our differences complement each other’s personalities so well.

For one, she’s pretty and I’m not so pretty.

Exhibit A
Exhibit A

You know, in life there’s always that one person that you can’t begin to imagine what your life might have been like if you hadn’t met them. In my case, that person is Amanda. I mean, I’m not the most vocal person when it comes to showing appreciation for people and the sort but it doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate them. Nothing could be further from the truth with respect to my friends (… and family, but this is not a post about them lol).

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder – & they ain’t never lied.

Honestly, I’ve been living without Amanda since last semester. You could probably even say since we left St. Francois. It’s different at University, you don’t get to see each other everyday like you used to in secondary school. Worst yet, she’s been shipped off to another campus so it’s just that much harder. But that doesn’t mean that anything has changed.

21 is a milestone of sorts. It means that wherever you go, anywhere in the world (I guess :/) you’re going to jail for whatever crime you commit (or something like that . . . I don’t know how the laws work, you’re the lawyer). One thing I do know is that if I’m not behind bars with you . . . I’ll find you and I’ll bail you out. Although it really should be the other way around because, like I said, you’re the lawyer, but our friendship is that serious.

Happy 21st Birthday Amanda! 

Too bad you don’t have a golden birthday like mine.

Turning 21 in the 21st Century is pretty cool too,  I guess.


*PS, you should note that me not being able to find ONE acceptable picture of us ALONE together is blasphemous.59925_1629403016321_1945570_n 


That last picture is saying everything though!

Love you Amanda!




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