A Series of Very Fortunate Events

So, yesterday turned out to be a pretty awesome day. But let’s take it back just a little bit.

Last week Tuesday I made myself available for what we at the TallMan Foundation call Women’s Edition. It’s basically a youth sort of forum where us young ladies on the brink of being women get together to discuss life, simply put. I’d never been to one, this was my first and so I didn’t really know what to expect. What I got was really good though, really, really good.

Ask and ye may or may not receive?

Darah, our psychologist, leads the talk and so on Tuesday night she had a little activity for us which involved some introspection and reflection.

I’d enjoyed that session so much that I took to my more than reliable friend Google (who has never failed me btw) and did some research on this topic: Introspection, Reflection & Identity. I kept coming to pages & blogs which made some reference to the SoulPancake so eventually I googled that and voila, there it was. This book that claimed it would help me do what I’ve always wanted to do but couldn’t find the right medium – Chew on life’s big questions.

How excited I became at the thought of having a sort of guide to help me through the process. I spent the entire weekend reading and browsing the website soulpancake.com, whetting my appetite until I would go out there and get myself a copy of the book. Initially, I had planned to get it over the July/August vacation but a series of events transpired and now, I’m the owner of my very own copy of the SoulPancake!

I’d thought that Monday at school would have been the dreariest day of all dreary days. I had an oral exam at 9 then I had absolutely nothing to do with my day until 5. I was gonna sit around and try to study Human Communication (it’s an actual course, not a voyeur thing) but Rebeca had the brightest idea: “Let’s go to the mall.”

And to the mall we went.

It hadn’t hit me that we were at the mall with loads of bookshops until we came down the escalator and there was the bookshop. I quickly went in and asked the girl if they had any copies of SoulPancake, she tried to help but she wasn’t successful so of course, she asked her manager who then took me to the holy grail of books for me right now. I was relieved but then it sunk in that I couldn’t buy it but it was comforting to know that I could get it.

Rebeca has to be one of the sweetest persons I know. She offered to buy me the book (and did eventually) because “it looked cool” and my reaction to the whole thing just made her feel like if there’s only two copies left my friend may or may not come back and get this book.

Honestly, I don’t know what I expect to get from this book but I honestly do hope it’d help me do what it says it’d help me do. I’m really excited to delve in and share with you (through this blog) what I’m learning about life, myself or more correctly my thoughts about these things. The book isn’t a teach-yourself-the-answers-to-life’s-big-questions-we-know-it-all book, it’s a book that asks you to dig deep within and explore your thoughts and feelings on numerous topics which include, but are not limited to: The Brain & the Soul, Introspection, Reflection & Identity, Virtues & Vices, God & Religion, Life, Death & Living. I can’t wait.

The best part about the book is that it isn’t a use-it-once kind of book. I’m 20, 20 years from now my answers to these questions won’t be the same, maybe even next year they might change. So I’m really looking forward to always having this book with me.

It’s a bit surreal that just seven days after being indirectly introduced to this, I’ve got my own.

Mil gracias to Rebeca for being such a good sport.

Ps. I think she might be my fairy godmother!

Side Note:

While writing this post, I had a déjà vu experience. What do you think that means? Am I on the right track?


Visit soulpancake.com NOW, you won’t regret it. You’re welcome.


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