Surviving a Schism

A few days ago I was not consciously aware that I had any idea what that word meant but by the end of this blog post if you and past me have that one thing in common, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

I’ve never had to deal with friendship issues for reasons that I’m not sure of but the bottom line is that problems with friends have been more or less non-existent . . . until recently.

Now when one friend approaches you about problems he/she has with another close friend, often times you feel like you have to choose sides. However, when this happened to me, I honestly felt like it was not my problem so I just offered advice and left them to resolve it themselves . . . but now I feel like I’ve made a gross error in judgement of the situation at hand.

When your two best friends leave you and go off to a foreign land to create memories together you instantly feel a pang of jealousy thinking about all the fun that they’d have without you. When you find out that for whatever reasons, one of them isn’t quite enjoying the experience, you feel pitiful towards them because there isn’t much that you can do to help.

I feel like I’m caught in some kind of strange, alternate timeline. It never occurred to me that my friends could be upset with each other. Over the years everything has been so perfect with all of us that ‘infighting’ is such a foreign concept to me.

I want it to be fixed and be over with but I can’t  do anything about it myself considering I’ve yet to hear anything from the other individual involved and I don’t want it to be a case of me choosing sides.

For all it’s worth, they’re both my friends and I love them to bits and pieces and this doesn’t change the way I see either of them but lines have to be drawn and I just want it to be over right now because I end up looking like a horrible friend when I make plans with one and not invite the other thinking that space is what they need to sort their mess out on their own.


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