The Harsh Reality

This morning I decided to visit one of my office buddies that I hadn’t seen in what felt like years (funny, considering she’s right down the hall from me). She reminded me of the fact that time flies so terribly fast.

“Just last year we had that thing on the promenade. Now it’s health fair time again.” I nodded in agreement.

The fact that I’m not a permanent employee here makes it so much worse. It feels like just the other day I was sitting at my desk staring out at Woodford Square and the Trinity Cathedral silently praying that my transfer request would go through.

A year later I’m here again, sitting at a different desk with different worries but where did the time go?

She went on talking about how close she was to having to take her 3 weeks vacation and I asked her “What are you going to do? Travel, see the world?” Her response? “I’m just gonna stay in and watch TV.”

Now, everybody has different ideas of what vacationing is but for a young woman like herself I just thought she’d want to do a little more with her time, get out and enjoy the world a little.

That’s when she hit me with the harsh reality.

The old people always say “Enjoy your school days.” but when you’re in it you just feel so overwhelmed by the school work, the lecturer’s or the teacher’s demands, the exams and the studying. Sometimes you just want it all to stop for a moment or two.

Then you have your two – three months vacation and you feel like you’re home free with a little vacation job to keep your social/night life afloat. Then you do it all over again.

She said, “I’m doing the same thing . . . every. day. I just wish I could have two months vacation instead of three weeks so I can get away from all of this. When again in life am I going to have so much free time? Enjoy your school days.”

The monotony of adult life.

I’m definitely not ready for that.

It’s like, when my best friend told me that she wasn’t looking for a job this vacation I sort of made a face (in my mind) and then she said “When I finish my degree next year I’m going to be working for the rest of my life.” She had a point.

Sometimes I find it hard to imagine that it’s been FOUR years since my very tight group of buddies (who unashamedly named ourselves the ‘Plingers’ for reasons that may or may not be discussed in another blog post o.O) ‘disbanded’ (so to speak).

With them, I’ve had some of the best school days and it’s kind of hard to believe that so much of that would never be recreated, for whatever reasons.



And when I consider all the things my co-worker said this morning I wish I could go back and do it all again. Luckily for me, I can take a trip down memory lane thanks to Facebook. But in a year or two when the monotony of an office job or any job becomes my reality, will it be enough?


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