Daily Prompt – A House DividedPick a divisive issue currently in the news. Write a two-part post in which you take on two personas and approach the topic from both sides. Bonus points for a creative format (roundtable discussion, debate transcript, etc.).

I don’t usually comment on the state of politics in my country because I don’t understand how it has gotten this bad and why nobody else seems to notice just how far we’ve fallen from grace and that we’re going absolutely nowhere.

“Why should I vote? What am I voting for? Representation? Who is representing who? If I vote for you or I vote for you where does that leave me? What can you do for me?” seems to be the question on everybody’s mind during an election of any sort. “Will you give me a house? A new car? Send my children to University abroad? Buy my groceries for a year? What am I getting?”

The election concluded on 29th July and Jack Warner is the member of parliament for Chaguanas West and this story has so much behind it I cannot comprehend where I should start.

During the election I zoned out completely whenever anything related to the farce was on the television or the radio because I cannot see how and why a man with all these allegations of ‘thiefing people money‘ (as we’d say in local parlance) hanging over his head is a serious candidate in any election. The modern day Robin Hood I hear them call him – taking from the rich (FIFA) to give to the poor . . . wait, which poor?

The last time I checked the only people in Trinidad who are so poor are those of us who have absolutely nothing! Yes, the vagrants at the side of the street begging for a dollar everyday . . . and still I can’t be too sure with them because I’ve heard that some of them have and they have more than me and you.

It’s August 1st, we’re celebrating Emancipation Day but I don’t think we should be when we still find ourselves as people of (predominantly) African and Indian descent, whose ancestors suffered during the days of slavery and indentureship for what? For us to stand here today and speak down about each other because of the other person’s race?

Throughout the entire election these people ripped each other apart, ‘bussing files‘ and stirring up all kinds of ‘bacchanal‘ do you know why? Because that is what we as a people like, that’s what speaks to us the most. When you hear somebody’s business and you’re quick to go and spread it without considering how it will affect them.

I don’t think I once heard what either candidate was going to do for poor Chaguanas West yet still they decided to vote Jack into the parliament again. Why? “Because what he going and do with all that thief money? Is best he come and help we.”

What absolute nonsense!

Then again, “he’s innocent until proven guilty” . . .

[no comment]

You would never guess that this is the same country when you go to a local fete though, we sure do know how to ‘put our worries and stress away’.

I love my country, it truly is the best but we do not take ourselves too seriously. You’d quicker find Trinidadians angered over the verdict in a murder trial in the state of Florida than rallying for justice for the poor woman and her two children from Sea Lots who were run over by a policeman not to mention the other two people who were injured.

I wonder if we’ll ever wake up and smell the coffee.


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