Green Eyed Monster

Daily Prompt – [Green Eyed Monster]: Write an anonymous letter to someone you’re jealous of.

You’re living my life, did you know that?
I remember when you told us that you were taking the job as a flight attendant with UAE and I thought to myself well that’s just splendid! I was genuinely happy for you and then you left us and started your world tour.
You’re living my life. Your job is like a paycation. Who wouldn’t want that?
Dubai is your home base. Whenever you update your Facebook status, I die a little bit inside. Paris, Tokyo, London, Rome …. And more recently Rio De Janeiro. If I could be you for one year it’d make my dreams come true.
I might have a bit of the green eyed monster in me but I’m happy and proud of you … In the little time I’ve known you you were a great inspiration and you continue to be just that.
But I really really really want to sub in for you if I could.


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