Yesterday I celebrated my 21st birthday and there’s nothing I love more than being born on the 12th of the 12th month!

I’m not one that goes all out for a birthday because it essentially means that I’m getting older and – inevitably closer to my death bed. Heck, being alive alone is representation of the latter.

I spent the day the only way I knew how, with friends.

All of my friends couldn’t make it because the UWI is so vile it has separated us by sending some to study at another campus in another country, or worse, given others exams to do on such a blessed day. Hopefully, my day was beautifully blessed enough that they all would have been successful in their endeavours to not just pass their exam but ace it.

This year was supposed to be spent making artsy stuff and what have I to show for it?


So, yesterday Rebeca and Sara and myself made dreamcatchers! It was so exciting and I am 1000% in love with mine.

So for this, my 22nd  year on this planet called Earth, I am aiming for more artsy stuff like this. I don’t have a knack for it but it sure is fun!


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