Breakfast in San Fernando

Travelling to San Fernando is always a hassle. Not only do you have to wake up early in the morning to get there in a timely manner, but it’s disorienting because whenever I go there I have no idea what is going on.

Today was no different.

This morning my family and I made our way to the island’s second city (which happens to be the larger of the two) by way of the water taxi service and boy oh boy it sure was fun! I’ve been on the taxi before but it’s not everyday you get to travel by boat around the island. The last time I went to Sando (as it is commonly referred to by locals) by boat was about four years ago.

It’s tiring walking around some place at nine in the morning, especially when you didn’t get much sleep the night before and your shoes hurt your feet . . . but I made it up High Street to Library Corner, ducking into a few stores to see if I could score any material for my art journal, and we sat down to have breakfast at KFC. Like any sane Trini would do on this third day of January in 2014.

San Fernando is a pretty little city, definitely more scenic than Port-of-Spain but I couldn’t understand why all of there stores seemed to be underground and none of them were connected. What’s the point of going underground if you don’t have a tunnel? Then again, this is Trinidad we’re talking about.

There’s always been this north/south divide among Trinidadians because . . . well let’s face it North is where all the vibes is . . . but it’s obviously a cultural difference. With South people defining us north people as ‘closed minded’ because we think anything past the lighthouse/Grand Bazaar is South and therefore means that it’s bush/wetlands etc. It might be a bias thing but Port-of-Spain is definitely my preferred city, it is my home after all and I wouldn’t trade all its stink for nothing!



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