I’ve been meaning to include this new category on my blog entitled ‘Flashback Friday: Music of My Childhood’ because the sound of my childhood was oh so sweet, slightly perverted, but sweet.

We recently got cable installed at home and so FLOW’s been so generous to let us get all the channels for the first month. Now I’m discovering all the wonderful programmes I have to part ways with come the start of February, but I will survive.

AMTV has this programme, Throwback Thursday, and you guessed it! – it’s all throwback hits that make me get all nostalgic as I remember the days of racing home from primary school to watch TRL (among other things) with Carson Daly and sing along at the top of my lungs as we countdown the daily top 10 . . . Those were some good days!

Then the world moved on. *collective dejected sigh*

While watching #throwbackthurs they played Ciara, Hilary Duff, Enrique Iglesias, NSYNC, Mya and all the songs that I couldn’t get enough of when I was younger but they didn’t play this one song that I, for some reason, really wanted to hear.

And here it is, I give you Tweet (feat. Missy Elliot) – Oops! (Oh My)

10 year old me knew that this song had an underlying meaning but she and her cousins were digging it too much to care. Only recently were my suspicions turned into reality … She was feeling so good she had to touch herself? *hangs head in shame*

Was it really underlying though? She’s kind of explicitly talking about it, without actually talking about it. This song still takes me back to my innocent kiddie days though.



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