2013/2014: The Semester I Review

I’ve been holding back on writing this post until I knew my fate (i.e. exam results) because, let’s be honest, you can’t really assess your semester without knowing how bad (or good) your exam results were.

Now that it is known, I am free to report to you that last semester was a complete success!

In all honesty, everything was a blur. From the start to the end of my first semester in second year, I cannot tell you just how short it was without saying that it felt like everything was condensed into one of the shortest months of my life, although it was probably  three long ones.

I had to set myself into a routine. I was working two jobs (one at the UWI and one in St. James on the weekends) and I had lectures every day (including Saturdays) . . . Needless to say, what life?

I don’t have to tell you that it was overwhelming but my timetable and university job made things easy. I was working where I was studying (i.e. the same building). There was food there, I made new friends in the office and in my lectures so I was never bored. Liming and studying went hand in hand. Not to mention I had some of the most enjoyable(sometimes frustrating)  lectures. From Monday to Thursday life was good.

Then the weekend rolled in . . .

My Fridays started at 1pm with the dullest lecture known to man – the dreaded FOUN1301 aka Law and Gov. *shudders* … Ask anyone at the UWI and they’d tell you that course is a nightmare (although, I spoke to a few people who actually thought it was a piece of cake). Looking back on it, it was not but I survived . . . unscathed.

Work started at 5pm on Friday so I’d leave campus immediately after lecture to get there in time. To be fair, I was going in the opposite direction of the after school/work transport rush and it was always better if I got to the St. James maxi stand after 4. But clocking in early meant a little extra cash so I’d risk it anyway.

After working all night Friday, dealing with the most ungrateful/bitch ass customers and let’s not forget my lovely co-workers, I’d get home around 2am for the latest, get whatever sleep I could before 8am, because my four hour Portuguese lecture started at 9am.

I just want to take this opportunity to thank the heavens that my father lives so close to campus because if I had to live this life from the city . . .

It wasn’t hard in the beginning but coming down to the end when my assignments started piling up on me and I realised that I had no clue what was going on in a few lectures, my tiredness started getting the better of me. From Friday to Sunday I would get twelve hours of sleep, because more often than not I worked the 10am-5pm shift after working Saturday 5pm-1pm. My Mondays were originally supposed to start at 3pm but I placed the bulk of my hours at my campus job from 10am-3pm so I’d get whatever rest I could Sunday evening and work/study/lime on Mondays.

Along with all the stress I placed on myself with my jobs and school, Manchester United really tried to break me and it hurt. I think, this is the first time I’m talking about their less than mediocre start to the season openly because I just couldn’t deal with their transition period when I was more than stressed out in my life. This is when I started to rationalise with myself it’s just a game, they will figure themselves out etc. etc. but gods be good, they just can’t seem to get a grip.

I’m straying.

Apart from all the downs I’ve been ranting about, semester one was incredibly fun too. It wasn’t all stress, there were spontaneous mall limes, rooftop limes, out the ordinary group projects, meal exchanges with Becky. I think I really know how to cope with stress, especially when I’m stressed out over something that’s worth it because one year ago I’d be in a totally different boat (or none at all) if I didn’t make the decision to change scenery.

Through it all, I had a fantastic semester and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve quit my second job to focus on my school work better in semester two and because I really don’t need the bullshit (from the customers).

Again, I have the feeling that if I actually tried and put in some effort, any effort at all, in my studies I’d be unstoppable. But I already am unstoppable, so what’s the point?

Next semester (or in two weeks) I’ll be starting afresh but with no less enthusiasm than I did last semester. I’m picking up a year one linguistics course (one of the two evil ones I didn’t do & possibly the harder of the two) and continuing my minor in Communication Studies with Written Comms and Group and Organisational Behaviour. Then of course, there’s the Spanish language course and my selection for Literature is the 20th Century Poetry course with my favourite, Oscar.




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