Japanese or Chinese?

The semester is well underway and I’ve once again taken up residence at my father’s home which, as I’ve probably mentioned before, is a lot closer to campus than my mum’s. Another thing that coincides with Semester II at University is (my favourite time of the year) Carnival.

With that being said, living with dad usually means that all I have to do is eat, sleep, go to class, and repeat BUT Carnival is the time of year when he gets most of his business done, so if I don’t cook we’ll starve (or just spend more money than we need to).

Of all the days you cook food, Sunday is the day where rice and corned beef just doesn’t cut it. I don’t know about what other nationalities like to do on Sunday, but even KFC is a little bit of a no-go on a Sunday in Trinidad. (I know for a fact Tobagonians aren’t as slack as us on the ‘mainland’).

Last week I played it safe and kept lunch pretty ‘Sunday traditional’. Macaroni pie, fried rice, callaloo, and stir fried chicken in broccoli bits.

2014-01-26 13.45.45-1

Today I wanted to try something different, plus I’ve been craving Chinese food all week so that Teriyaki chicken recipe my dad told me about came out in full force … and yes, I nailed it.

I’m not quite sure I know what Teriyaki Chicken is supposed to taste like (I refuse to use Subway’s teriyaki chicken as a reference point, is that even real?) but this was so delicious, it’s deliciousness had it’s own deliciousness (I don’t even care if that makes sense or not).

2014-02-02 13.01.24

Here’s the simple recipe I followed if you’re wondering:

Ps. I used pineapple pepper jam for that spicy flavour. Bon appétit!


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