The sun rises on Carnival Tuesday in the Land of Oil and Music and as we come together with a truck on the road to celebrate the greatest show on earth it’s hard to believe that there are places in the world under great stress and turmoil.

“The Definition of Freedom”

Our Carnival isn’t about being the best but rather it’s about sharing our culture. It isn’t only about the sexual gyration of the waists of the women as they ‘wine down low’ in the streets of Port-of-Spain.

By no means is Trinidad and Tobago, this small twin island Republic, the perfect paradise that we make it out to be. Corruption ‘stand up tall like a wall’, but day after day we grind it out because we are the happiest people alive and ‘nothing can’t shock we‘.

Happiness comes from within – nothing/nobody can take it away from you because you are the sole creator of your happiness.

The rest of the world can learn a thing or two from us on these two days of revelry. Every Trinbagonian wants to see the world embrace our culture not just because we think it is the best but because it is a true reflection of pure, untamed bliss.

On this Carnival Tuesday as we sing and chant in downtown Port-of-Spain, San Fernando, Arima, Sangre Grande, Scarborough “We Want M.O.R.” – more road to jump on, more stage to cross and display and ‘free up weself’ … We want more happiness in this world. We want to see every nation unite, ‘ team up‘, spread one love and share in the epicness that is HAPPINESS!

What make me happy? They want to know.

When I see the people smiling so

When I see the girls wining low

Like so, like so, like so, like so

When my big band coming through

Just like my team coming through

Just like my dreams coming true

Come through, come through

Happy People Live Yuh Life

Pour a drink in your cup

And put your hands up

And jump up and bring the hype

Cause the feeling NICE!

People could say what they want to say

But still they can’t take your stride!

***Disclaimer: Images and music used in this blog post do not belong to me and their use were not meant to violate the rights held by their owners. No copyright infringement intended!


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