2 Year Anniversary!

I recently celebrated TWO YEARS since I started blogging on WordPress!

I must admit that I’m quite pleased with how far I’ve come and the posts I’ve got under my belt. I really do enjoy blogging and sharing whatever I can with people who care to read/listen.

My first WordPress blog was a Sims Legacy blog documenting the story of my Chartier family in the life simulation game. Corny right? But I liked doing it and people read it and people liked it too. Then my game crashed and I lost almost six generations of Sims that I came to love were just taken away from me. So I canceled that blog and started over with a personal blog documenting my life.

I come and I go quite often and you won’t believe just how many things cross my mind daily and I think to myself, “I should so write a post about that!” and then, well nothing really comes of it!

In my third year of blogging I hope to be a little more consistent with my posting. The few followers I have managed to entrap in my snare have been very patient and I feel like the least I can do is give them some content. Also, I’m trying to encourage more of my friends to create a blog and share their experiences!

Here’s a few of my favourite posts of the 97 (Yes, NINETY-SEVEN) posts I’ve done on my new blog:

Green Eyed Monster

Mira, Morenas!

Lurking in the Night

The Evils that Lurk in SAC






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