Dec. 12th, 1992

Twitter gives me blogging ideas lately. Yesterday one of my faves randomly asked us a very interesting question:

What notable events happened on the day you were born?

The obvious answer is: ME! Except, it’s not that simple.

Until yesterday, I had never had any idea that any of the following happened on my grand entrance into planet earth:

  • 58th Heisman Trophy Award: Gino Torretta, Miami-Fla (QB)
  • 6.8-7.5 earthquake strikes Flores Island (tsunami kills 3,000)
  • Japanese crown prince Naruhito announces engagement to Masaka Owada
  • Julia Kurotchkina, 18, of Russia, crowned 42nd Miss World
  • NY Giants lose 19-0 to Phoenix Cardinals
  • Apparently, the Scottish Princess Royal remarried and became Mrs. Timothy Laurence on that day too.

The one that caught my attention is the second one because, it might explain why I love earthquakes so much.

Now, I pose the question to you: what notable events happened on the day that you were born? (i.e. same dd/mm/yyyy)


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