Countdown to Bogotá

I’m a strong advocate of ‘everything happens for a reason’ and so here I am writing to let you guys in on a little  secret I’ve been holding on to for about … two months?

I’m moving to Bogotá for a year!

Are you as excited as I am? To be honest, you might be a little bit more excited than I am because at this moment my mind is absorbed with the million things I have to do BEFORE Bogotá becomes a reality and that includes organising documents as much as it includes enjoying Trinidadian life and culture and spending time with family and friends.

You see, although I know that I’m on my way out, it’s not quite official yet. I’m waiting for letters etc. so I can start organising my visas and money (the most important thing, because moving to Bogotá … or anywhere, really …. isn’t the least bit cheap).

But let me tell you how this all happened and what it means for me:

We all know (by now) about that big ole switch-a-roo at the very beginning of my University career. One of the most important things about me leaving behind my love, Geography, for my other love, Spanish, had a lot to do with the opportunities that I would get if I studied Spanish.

My grades in the FSA weren’t that great and most of my time would have been spent trying to maintain a 1.0 GPA (I’m not even kidding) so I wouldn’t get kicked out and off of GATE (the tertiary education payment plan in T&T). I admit, I wasn’t great at the whole ENRM & Geography combo but I felt like I could do more with a degree in that field than I could do with a BA in Spanish but there comes a time when you have to cognizant of what’s good for you and what’s not so good for you.

/end rant

This Bogotá thing is taking me down a new route in my life where I’ll be an English language assistant at the Universidad Nacional Pedagógica in the Colombian capital for a little less than a year. Having been one of three applicants for three spots in this wonderful exchange programme, I’m looking forward to the challenge of living in a completely new and different city with my two Spanish buds. Can you imagine? That ‘life changing’ experience I’ve only ever dreamt about is speeding coming my way!

Bogotá better watch out now!
Bogotá better watch out now!

One of the best parts about it is we’re moving to a city where a lot of other Spanish students from our University have been to before, so we are being well prepared. On top of that, the three bogotanos who were our Spanish language assistants for the past academic year will be there to help make our experience undeniably that much greater. And yesterday at their despedida, we learnt that one of our lecturers, the Trini Zaragozano as I like to call him, is also moving to Bogotá. And lastly, the other Spanish students doing a year in Colombia for ICETEX will also be there. Is this going to be a massive Trini party in Colombia?

Turn down for what, exactly?

From La Despedida last night.

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