You know what they say: “If you like it then you should put a ring in it!” So today Amanda and I went and got my nose pierced!

Yes, today was one of those days with my day one follower and bestest friend ever, Amanda. She’s back from her two year frolic in Barbados and with me preparing to take a little trip of my own, our reuniting had to come as soon as possible!

Yes. I pierced my nose.

In San Fernando.

Yeah, that’s quite a bit to take in. Process it. Breathe.

I really don’t know what got over me in the last few months but I’ve been thinking about it for a while, maybe even longer than these recent months. You know how people who’ve lost a limb have a phantom limb? Yeah, I had a phantom piercing. Until today.

I’m now convincing myself that it looks great, I mean it does but why do I feel like I kind of ruined my face? It’s me overreacting a bit and second guessing this decision probably because I feel kind of bad about not telling my dad I’d be getting it before I went and got it. I mean, what if he doesn’t like it at all and flips a lid? On the other hand, my mum’s being really supportive about it and she’s singing the “You’re 21!” story so at least maybe she can talk him out of his upsetness if it does bother him (which I’m 100% sure it would). I feel like he’ll always want me to be his little girl and things like going to the bar  to see Kees perform and piercing my nose are me “growing up”.

Also, it’s not a face tattoo BUT I feel like I’m going to be judged now that I have a ring in my nose for no other reason than me simply wanting to have one there.

I’m really happy with it to be quite honest. I think it’s exactly how I thought it would be. Now I have to slave behind it making sure it doesn’t get infected and heals properly because the last thing I need to happen right now is for this to go south.

Before & After the piericng

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