Time Doesn’t Need Fun to Fly

Contrary to popular belief.

The last few weeks have been a bit stressful as the time ran out on the countdown to Bogota but here I am on a rainy Sunday in July, enjoying my last night in my own bed.

The last few days however, have been filled with priceless reminiscing with friends. In the words of the wise Saravez Tevez, “It takes one of us leaving for us to get together like this.”



I’ve decided to dedicate a new blog to the Bogota experience over at mividabogotana.wordpress.com. That does not, however, mean that this blog will no longer be updated. I have been working in my art journal, which will be left behind in Trinidad, but I hope that this year in Bogota will give me much needed time to really set it free and share my work with you all and of course, my blackout poetry needs its own space to thrive.

The next time I update I’ll be in unfamiliar territory.

Peace and much love to you!


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