Let’s Get Re-Started

How many Sundays have gone by without one of my amazing blackout poems, I hear you ask? I’d be happier to know that you weren’t actually keeping track.

If you were, though, I don’t blame you.

Unfortunately packing for a year abroad means deciding what goes and what stays behind and, you guessed it, most of my art things did get the “I’ll see you when I see you.” which has left me in a little situation.

Bogotá  has been lovely, mind you, but it can’t quite distract me from the empty feeling that has been burning in my gut. When I took a photography course some years ago, Vincent told us we’re only as good as our most recent photo. So I’m kind of applying that rule of thumb to this art journaling/poetry thing.

I’m sorry I’ve been disappointing you all but One Year in Bogotá is going really well. Have you visited me there yet? You should. (If it’s any consolation, I don’t post that regularly there either).

I’m going to aim to post next week. A poem, most likely, and I’ll be trying to gather things to make art.

Wish me luck!


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