Instagram is not Facebook

Today’s Daily Prompt asks:

Even the most laid back and egalitarian among us can be insufferable snobs when it comes to coffee, music, cars, beer, or any other pet obsession where things have to be just so. What are you snobbish about?

Have I been meaning to address this for some time!

Now that the opportunity has presented itself I can fill the internet in on a little secret:

Posting multiple pictures on Instagram, within seconds of each other, is more likely to piss a person off than it’d get them to double tap. 

I’m confident that I’m not alone in thinking this, because out of the 310 ‘grammers I follow the only ones who can get away with this are celebrities. Luckily, most of the others are like me and only use Instagram occasionally (in my case about twice a week, I can’t even be arsed to do a ‘tb‘ or a ‘fb‘ anymore). Unfortunately, there’s a few of them who still don’t grasp this key concept.

Let’s take one of my friends who is in culinary school, for example. I don’t get annoyed when she posts fifteen separate photos back-to-back of those wonderful dishes she cooked up at her Sunday classes because IT’S FOOD! And culinary arts, is well … art. I want to see every plate in all it’s glory, even if I can’t eat it myself.

I, however, do not want to see pictures of you doing the same dumb duck face pose in different rooms of the club with different people etc. because this isn’t Facebook. I could tolerate a Facebook album dedicated to a night out with friends but, let’s face it, Instagram is for that one photo that sums up the night. I know, it might be hard to choose one at first but that’s why collage apps exist. There’s even this video Flipgram thing that allows you to make a video of your photos etc. Stitch ’em together! Then I’m more likely to be impressed by your weekend exploits.


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