In The Age of Instant

No one or nothing is safe!

Four episodes of Game of Thrones leaked last night. Four out of TEN episodes! That’s almost half the bloody season!

While I didn’t hesitate to dig in and quench my thirst (a year is a long time to wait in between seasons ESPECIALLY when you’ve read all the published books and you just want some damn answers!), I couldn’t help but feel a pang – just a teensy bit – of disappointment and sadness. I’m only going to watch the first two episodes though. I’m really tired and I just want to see where Arya’s arc is going this season.

HBO executives must be losing their shit. We all know Game of Thrones is the best show on television (hands down, not debatable) which makes it the most pirated show in the history of pirating shows and this leak is the biggest leak in the history of TV. As much as I’m happy it happened, I’m also a bit worried about what this means moving forward.

In the time of Netflix, having access to something all at once is what we live for. I was watching the new Netflix series, Daredevil, when I realized that Game of Thrones had been leaked. I was up to episode 3. Some people have already seen it all and are on to the next thing.

I’m thinking back on the days when I would have to ¬†wait an entire 7 days to watch the next episode (of my then favourite shows) Gossip Girl or Ugly Betty. I miss that feeling of “OMG I wonder what’s going to happen this week” in the hours leading up. I mean, the internet was doing its thing back then too but pirating wasn’t so rampant and mainstream. It’s definitely evolved into a monster that I must admit that I quite like but can’t help feel a little guilty about feeding.

Anyway, the first episode (which I’ve just finished watching) would have made for an excellent premiere episode, or it did. But you know what I mean, in the way of anticipation and excitement and premiere parties etc. EXCELLENT. Now, as I move on to episode two I have to continue to remind myself not to be that douche that posts spoilers on social media or talks about it before everyone else, with self restraint and dignity, get a chance to watch it.


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