Poetry in Prose

A little Google search led me to an old feature on The New York Times’ website which allowed people to find ‘poetry in prose’ from a selection of their articles – a pretty neat feature, if you ask me, in commemoration of NaPoMo.

I tried it out last night and came up with these:




You can try it out here. It uses a only a part of the selected articles (and so, not a wide range of the articles on the site) and you’re allowed to choose fifteen words from an article in order to create your poem which you select by clicking on them.


3 thoughts on “Poetry in Prose

  1. Hi, its really interesting how theyve digitized the “blackout” concept and id be curious to compare my choice of words from a piece with the bots choice. Overall though, what I personally enjoy about blackouts is the raw reconnection with such a simple medium, words on paper, as a sort if.. vacation from the digital

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    1. Thanks for stopping by! Have you visited the website? There aren’t any bots actually! It’s all you. What they’ve done is scripted the page so you can select the words to do the blacking out yourself. I did, however, find this one website where bots were used to generate the poem but, of course, you also had the option to do it yourself.

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      1. I did visit the website but was on mobile WP at the time so didnt get to try it out (the articles apparently dont load on ios?) but anyway thanks for the clarification, and hope you enjoy the blackout hobby (ive been enjoying it for a decade, before i knew there even was a thing called blackout poetry!)


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