Truth Be Told

Today’s Daily Prompt asks:

Write an anonymous letter to someone you’re jealous of.

Well, I’ve been here before.

I wrote the letter to a friend of mine who works for UAE Airlines – and man is he living the dream! That was two years ago. Now, I’m not so sure I feel the same as I did then. Sure, he still gets to go to super cool places five or six times a month but I don’t know if the glamorous life of a flight attendant is even that glamorous.

He always has the stories, you know those stories … It seems that some people still can’t get over the colour of another person’s skin. I’m not sure how I would react to that level of ignorance. Then there’s the stories about the dumb things passengers do or ask, and while they’re hilarious in retrospect, it must be really unnerving working longer flights and having to gracefully maneuvre these types of situations.

For the most part, I’ve always wanted a job that would allow me to travel frequently. As a business English teacher here in Bogota I’ve had some frustrating experiences with students who have said jobs. And if I’ve been frustrated, you can imagine how much they’ve been frustrated dealing with my demands as their teacher and their boss’ demands.

While I don’t plan on having a family of my own to keep me back (that’s really how I think about families), travelling is still very exhausting and stressful. Travelling for short periods of time on business moreso because it’s not like you’re there to have a good time and go site-seeing. When I travel I want to spend 2-3 months wherever I am beacause for me it’s more than just seeing the place, it’s about learning the way of life and assimilating to and appreciating new cultures.

Credits: Featured Image via Gratisography.


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