Souvenir Snapshot

I have been keeping a lot of things. Ticket stubs, receipts, pictures – all of it for the sake of the memories. I remember before leaving for Colombia I felt so stressed out with the mess of things I had collected and dumped into the small drawers of my armoire. My rubble isn’t worthy of an episode of hoarders but still it’s almost suffocating.

Now that I’m back home, I felt that stress again when I opened the drawer and the things that I had forgotten about were there staring back at me and I had no place to store my clothing. So I made up my mind to finally make that memory board I had always dreamt of. Among the magazines, books, teddy bears and dust collecting on my bookshelf, there’s also a huge stack of gift bags, so I grabbed the cutest one and tore it apart, some bristol board  bought at the bookstore and with some glue I came up with this gem. There isn’t nearly enough space for all the things but I’m really pleased with the final result.


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