Labour Day Weekend Fun

I’ve been back home for two weeks now and even though it’s been tough readjusting to this slower-paced lifestyle, it’s been nothing short of an adventure.

One of the things that I vowed to myself to do when I returned to the twin islands of T&T was to see more of my country. More often than not, I feel like a tourist in these streets. Being from the capital and all, it really does seem like anything past the lighthouse is South!

Thursday 18th June

In true Trini ‘night-before-the-holiday’ style, my friends and I returned to O2 Park, Chaguaramas for the Life In Color Big Bang Tour. Last year we had such an amazing time that we just couldn’t bear to miss this one.

It wasn’t the best night of my life, that was definitely last year’s LIC and to be really honest I was mostly focused on getting drinks by the bar than on enjoying the music and the paint and then of course there came a point where I couldn’t even enjoy the party because the paint seeped through and completely destroyed my shoes so my raving was reduced to swaying to the beat.

Friday 19th June

Friday morning I got in and didn’t do much sleeping. My friend and I had made plans to go visit some historic religious sites and I was really pumped from the night before anyway.

Hinduism is one of the most important religions in Trinidad and I had never been to the Temple in the Sea nor to see the Hanuman Murti at the nearby Dattatreya Temple. When we got to Dattatreya, I got a taste of an Indian wedding complete with tassa drums and dancers to welcome the bride and her groom.

After our Temple Run we hopped in the car and turned to Waze for a trip to Knolly’s Tunnel in Tabaquite, a relic of the railroad days in Trinidad. Along the way we stopped to get our hands on some cocoa and take in the beauty of the Bossa forest. Trinidad is such a beautiful little dot on the map! Our trip ended in San Fernando with us almost getting stranded because the meter was heading for E and we couldn’t find a gas station.

Sunday 21st June

Father’s Day was so awesome. It was the first time, that I can remember, that my dad’s children and all their mums (yes) and his grandchildren and EVERYBODY got to spend quality time together over some BBQ chicken and ribs and Moscato.



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