My social media has completely lost the plot since SCOTUS’ decision to allow marriage equality to all US citizens in all states and territories. I would love to take the stance of being unaffected but let me be honest and say that I find great joy in knowing that people are free to love who they want and most importantly be able to legally form a legacy.

The bible pushers would have us believe that this a slap in the face of God, as if other sins go unpunished but that isn’t the point of view that I wish to take as marriage is a legal union between two people that comes with many legal benefits and this is why I am genuinely happy that queer folk of the United States of America are now allowed to legally bind themselves to one another.

As a God-fearing Christian my philosophy is to love my brothers and sisters as I am loved by God and while love wins in the courtrooms with marriage equality I pray that discrimination and hatred against queer folk and other minorities will lose in the hearts of men.

This poem was created using erasures.org blackout Chrome add-on.

Source: Adventist Pastor Caught In Homosexual Act


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