Beautiful Mistake

I looked for something fun, bright and temporary,

then I end up with excitement


4 thoughts on “Beautiful Mistake

  1. Love your blackout poetry Astrid, it’s beautifully crafted and thought provoking, and it’s a great new way to write poems. I’ve not seen them like this before, did you come up with the idea, and are they real pages from books that you find poetry within the text?

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    1. Hi! Thanks for dropping by and your words mean so much!

      Blackout poetry (also known as found poetry or erasure poetry) has been around for a very long time but it really became popular when Austin Kleon started using this style to make poems from newspapers! I was introduced to it in a focus group and ever since I’ve been at it.

      I did this particular poem from a magazine article. There are so many sources I draw from. Some of the poems on this site are from copies of old books, newspaper articles, even online news sites.

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