Starting the Summer with a Bang: Art Journal Pages

Home with nothing to do during the July/August vacation means I have no excuse when it comes to art journaling. It’s been a long, rocky road for me with this process but I’m getting into it since I’ve been back from my year abroad.

IMG_0729 IMG_0733IMG_0730 IMG_0735


So close, a little below classic




I hope I continue on this path next week. I usually wake up early in the morning and grab my journal and gesso and during the day I’d go back to the blank page and add whatever I’m inspired to add. Sometimes I did the entire page in one go and hated it … But when I went back to it, it was like whatever.

These aren’t masterpieces, but they’re a start. I really don’t expect to turn out a masterpiece anyway, I just need to spark some creativity.


2 thoughts on “Starting the Summer with a Bang: Art Journal Pages

  1. Hi – I haven’t looked at your blog for quite awhile. I’ve been enjoying a little meander and was happy to see your are art journaling. I also really love your blackout poetry.

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