Ghetto Livin’

Today’s Daily Prompt asks:

Look out your back window or door — describe what you see, as if you were trying to convey the scene to someone from another country or planet.

There are very few benefits of living in a crime riddled, marginalised community such as the one that I have called home for the last 22 years.

Oxford Street itself isn’t such a hotspot for crime as the surrounding areas, but it acts as a link road to connect those areas, especially the little corner on which my house sits.

I love living here, though, because it takes me five minutes to walk to downtown Port-of-Spain and if I don’t get a taxi and maybe my shopping bags aren’t too heavy I can always walk!

Another thing that I love is the views!

Trinidad is a very mountainous island, unlike the islands closest to us in the Caribbean archipelago. From upper Oxford Street I have a nice view of the sunsetting behind the Northern Range from my living room windows.

photo 1

Through my back door, however, the views aren’t that magical. Just a hill covered in houses.

through the back door


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