Down Week

This week wasn’t a great week in my art journal journey. I feel like I hit the ground running a little too well and got burnt out. Although, if I’m being fair, this week hasn’t been a great week in terms of my motivation to do anything.

It’s not a completely lost cause. I did some journaling and created some pretty decent backgrounds (finally) but I destroyed my gesso brush in the process! I forgot to wash it out after a cockroach invaded my room while I was doing some gessoing. Needless to say, I never went back into the room that night and the next morning the brush was completely hardened. After that, I went back to collecting images and words from magazines for collaging but that’s a lot harder than it looks! So even though I got some pretty cool images, I can’t put something that I like together. I also found a pack of unopened chalk pastels from my high school days in an old suitcase in storage!

Tomorrow I will drop by with my blackout poem of the week. I’ve got a few to choose from but I think I already know which one I’ll post.

I also want to take this opportunity to welcome new followers to my blog. I’ve only recently allowed this blog to appear publicly across the WordPress platform so thank you guys for liking and following!


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