Sisterhood of the World Blogger Nominee

Last week, Arpita over at Scribbles@Arpita for the Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award. I quite like the title of the award as it speaks volumes when I think about my blogging relationship with Arpita. Since she’s started following my work she’s been very vocal, leaving wonderful compliments on my work and for that I could only be so grateful.

The rules for the award are as follows:blogger-award

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.
  2. Answer the questions she set for you.
  3. Publish a picture of the Award
  4. Nominate others and set a few questions for them.

Thank you again Arpita for the nomination, and again for motivating me to keep doing what I struggle with but love doing anyway! Here are my answers to the questions she set for me.

Tell us about your favourite holiday destination.

Favourite Holiday DestinationAnywhere the ends of the earth meet the sea is my favourite place to holiday. My mother’s side of the family come from a seaside town, Mayaro. Although we live in the capital, almost all of her relatives (85%) still call there home. I love to go there for Easter vacation and Emancipation weekend as we always spend the time with the whole family meeting up there enjoying each other’s company (and alcohol). My favourite part though is being within walking distance of the beach. It’s one of the greatest feelings in the world just sitting seaside watching waves break and breathing in the salty fresh air, getting your toes wet and collecting seashells, writing in the sand and watching others enjoy the water (yes, I rarely go in as I’m not the best swimmer and hate getting my hair wet).

What do you love best about yourself?

Can I skip this question? Ha! There isn’t anything that sticks out to me as my best quality, as hard as that is for me to say. I don’t have any insecurities, at least I say that because on the opposite end of the spectrum there isn’t anything about me that I particularly find displeasing either.

How do you love to spend your free time?

Pretending to be an artsy DIY Queen! When that gets exhausting, however, the thing I enjoy the most is learning languages. I feel a sense of joy being able to communicate with others in their native tongue. Words mean much more and emotions are so raw and vivid in their own language as opposed to when they converse with me in mine. Currently, I’m trying to bring my competency in French up to the level I am at with Spanish. French has always been a struggle for me and though I can see the improvements (at least where writing is concerned), there’s still a long way to go before I feel as comfortable as I do with Spanish.

I’d like to take the opportunity to nominate the following bloggers:

Stream of Consciousness

Dianne Faw

Poet In My Heart

Not Just Another Ordinary Girl


  1. What’s your favourite food to make? To Eat?
  2. If you were stuck in a movie, which movie would it be?
  3. What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done?

No pressure guys! Feel free to accept or decline the award as you wish!


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