The TallMan Foundation and Me

I’ve been a part of the TallMan Foundation for about 4 years now and they’ve offered me some of the best memories I could ask for.

Living in an ‘at risk’ community such as mine there is little to nothing to do to keep yourself motivated and inspired, let alone off the streets. TallMan was born with this goal in mind, to offer youths in communities such as mine a chance to get off the streets and get away from all the negativity and put our energies into the Arts.

I’ve never regretted my decision to start photography classes with TallMan. Apart from learning so much about photography and about myself, I’ve found new friends and they’re not just that – we’re a family.

3 Canal Carnival show preparations 2012

We’ve been through all our ups and downs preparing for performances in different shows, on Friday nights during TallMan talk and we’ve grown and learnt so much about each other that it’s really difficult to imagine what it might be like had I not decided to take part.

I’m proud to be part of the Foundation and look forward to all the opportunities that it will offer me in the future.


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