My 29 Followers Deserve Better

But you know how it can be.

Since you’ve last heard from me, my return to the UWI has consumed me entirely. The first few weeks have been as easy as they’re going to come. From here on out the assignments are going to be flowing in relentlessly and I am still looking for my motivation. It’s there, obviously, but as my friend said it’s so hard to turn motivation into activation.


Down Week

This week wasn’t a great week in my art journal journey. I feel like I hit the ground running a little too well and got burnt out. Although, if I’m being fair, this week hasn’t been a great week in terms of my motivation to do anything.

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Labour Day Weekend Fun

I’ve been back home for two weeks now and even though it’s been tough readjusting to this slower-paced lifestyle, it’s been nothing short of an adventure.

One of the things that I vowed to myself to do when I returned to the twin islands of T&T was to see more of my country. More often than not, I feel like a tourist in these streets. Being from the capital and all, it really does seem like anything past the lighthouse is South! Continue reading

A Series of Very Fortunate Events

So, yesterday turned out to be a pretty awesome day. But let’s take it back just a little bit.

Last week Tuesday I made myself available for what we at the TallMan Foundation call Women’s Edition. It’s basically a youth sort of forum where us young ladies on the brink of being women get together to discuss life, simply put. I’d never been to one, this was my first and so I didn’t really know what to expect. What I got was really good though, really, really good. Continue reading

Backlog: Rio Seco Hike (21.07.12)

I haven’t been on an official hike in years! So when I got the opportunity to hit a nature trail and take some beautiful pictures I couldn’t resist.

Hiking is one of those things that I like the idea of doing but then when I hit the trails and it’s all mud and rivers to cross with slippery stones I found myself wondering a) What am I doing here? or b) Will I ever see civilization again?

That takes me back to various field trips. Especially that one in Upper Six with Ms. Alleyne when we went to Paramin to visit the small scale farmers and she insisted that we go see this cave!

There I was climbing down the side of a MOUNTAIN to get to a bloody cave whose main attraction was bats -_- I honestly imagined my death so many times. The side was so steep with no trees or anything to grab onto. It was dreadful to say the least!

Then in my first semester at UWI my Physical Geography lecturers took us to the Aripo Savannahs to see this quarrying site. It may not have been as bad as it was if rain hadn’t fallen and screwed everything up for us. THERE WAS SO MUCH MUD -_- and a river to cross too! Which I absolutely love (No.)

At the end he wanted us to take a ‘shortcut’ which was up the side of a hill. A hill with very muddy sides that I knew there was no way in heaven, hell or the 7 kingdoms in Westeros that I was going to cross. So me and a few other colleagues decided that today wasn’t our day to die and went back out the way we’d come in.

But enough about the past miseries of hiking trips. What of this one?

So the Rio Seco waterfall is located in the Matura Forest Reserve which is located somewhere near Salybia. (No, I do not know my country which is also another reason why I like to hike whenever I get the opportunity.) After a long (probably 2 hour) drive to Salybia we got out and started our journey to this waterfall and man was it tough.

The ‘tour guide’ kept saying we’d get there in 30 minutes maximum because, and I quote, “This is one of the easiest trails in the country!” Let me just say this: If that was ‘easy’ I’ll never go hiking again. All in all we took about an hour or more to get to the waterfall.

The mud really did ruin it (and make it fun when I really look back at it) but I suppose it was worth it!

It is such a beautiful place, so relaxing and fun (though the water was super cold!) The colour of the water is magnificent. A greenish-bluish tinge, so pretty.

I can still feel the after effects of it all. My quadriceps are paining me so badly, I cannot sit in one spot for too long. But as I said before, it was definitely worth it.