Putting All Your Eggs In One Basket

This is something that most people will recommend that you avoid doing but sometimes you just don’t have a choice.

I’ve never had the cause to do this, until this one exam came around.

At University, Foundation courses aren’t supposed to be hard, aren’t they? Well, they are. Just because you speak English does not mean that you can write a structurally correct formal expository essay.

So FOUN1001 (or English for Academic Purposes) has been the bane of the existence of many a student of the U.W.I and with a final essay topic like ‘The U.W.I Strategic Plan 2012-2017’ I could see why.

Even though they shed some light on which parts of the 50 odd page document we should focus on for the final essay, I still couldn’t see my way through this.

Until a friend gave me the gift from God himself. Then I started stuffing all my eggs into this one tiny basket. I was certain that I didn’t have enough space but I kept putting stuff in because failing this course is not an option.

I got into the exam room, got my paper, looked at the questions and my heart melted. There is a God. was my initial reaction, but of course there’s one! :/

Nerves had gotten the better of me before the exam and all I could think about was what if the question didn’t come? o.O

What if I’d have to write a ratchy essay on a topic I didn’t prepare all because I chose to plan, write and memorize this one instead.

Putting all my eggs in that tiny basket was the best decision I’ve made all year.

The exam was bliss. Well, at least I say that now but hopefully when the results come out I can really look back and say that it really worked.