Beautiful in Brasil

The 2014 instalment of the FIFA World Cup is almost here! Continue reading


All Falls Down

I’ve always been a sucker for a good Kanye West song – just my way of saying me holding him in high regard as a musician has nothing to do with the way he carries himself.

His recent┬ámusic hasn’t rubbed me the right way but I still listen to his old stuff from College Dropout come right up to Graduation. After he ‘graduated’ though, I don’t know. Just no longer my style. He’s got new fans now. New slaves.

It’s A Carnival!

If you don’t know, we’re less than 6 days away from the greatest show on earth!

It’s a Carnival!

This period of non-stop reveling has been my favourite time of the year for as long as I can remember, and although this year my participation has been minimal the music still manages to drive me crazy.

Today I’m sharing one of my favourites (but probably one of the least popular for the season), Major Lazer & Bunji Garlin – It’s a Carnival!

Diamond in the Back

“You may not have a car at all
But remember brothers and sisters
You can still stand tall
Just be thankful for what you’ve got”

I remember first hearing this song sampled on Ludacris’ Diamond in the Back and although I was a great Ludacris fan at the time, the sample was what caught me. Now that I’m older and this song found its way back into my life during one of the usual office ‘jam’ sessions, and in its original form, it really resonated with me.

Why couldn’t music be like this today?