Souvenir Snapshot

I have been keeping a lot of things. Ticket stubs, receipts, pictures – all of it for the sake of the memories. I remember before leaving for Colombia I felt so stressed out with the mess of things I had collected and dumped into the small drawers of my armoire. My rubble isn’t worthy of an episode of hoarders but still it’s almost suffocating.

Now that I’m back home, I felt that stress again when I opened the drawer and the things that I had forgotten about were there staring back at me and I had no place to store my clothing. So I made up my mind to finally make that memory board I had always dreamt of. Continue reading


Is Reverse Racism a Thing?

My Twitter has become a battlefield of sorts over some time with a lot of debates on white privilege, persons of colour and the differences between the definitions of racism, discrimination, and prejudice.

My semester is winding down and as you know, I’m a Spanish major. These final few weeks we’ve been discussing social justice and it always comes back to the different kinds of prejudice and discrimination experienced across all facets of our society.

A few minutes ago a friend of mine related to me an incident in which he was discriminated against by the mother of a girl he’s just friends with. You can imagine where it went.

This semester we had to work on cortometrajes or short films instead of doing two conversation exams for Spanish and one of the groups decided not to do the traditional comedy film but instead, they chose to take on a very serious issue that many people, like my friend I mentioned earlier, have to deal with in their everyday lives.

Watch the video (you can also check out the corto I linked to if you know Spanish) and tell me if you agree with the premise set by this comedian, and many other persons of colour currently experiencing racism.

Can ‘white‘ people be victims of racism? Or is it that they are just experiencing discrimination?