Raff Upp 2013


Special shouts to Raffy for putting on such a massive event and donating to charity.

I could do this all over again everyday – same team, same vibes.

TallMan Foundation to the world!


Cleaning Up The Sh!t

I now have something to look forward to on Monday nights: Cleaning Up The Shit 101 with Wendell Manwarren.

Last Monday my fellow TallManners and I got together to for the official start of our Performance Workshop in preparation for our graduation on October 12th. Why’d we start so early?

For starter’s, we’re not a performing group. Often times in the past we’ve found ourselves with some three or four weeks to prepare something for a show with nothing seemingly going right, non-committed people and a mountain to climb but we’ve made it through successfully in the past. But who likes being last minute Billy? Continue reading